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Books on journalism and mass communication are available a dime a dozen. Students need to pick good books to know this profession aptly. We have tried to give details of some important books, which can be helpful to all the aspiring journalists as well as those in the profession.

Nuances of Journalistic Writings
Raza Elahi
Publisher: Applied Books, New Delhi
Marketed by: Media Hive
Price: Rs 180
Discount: 30% (Buying Price: Rs 126)

21st Century Journalism In India
Nalini Rajan
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
Price: Rs 315

How To Become A Good Journalist
Raza Elahi
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi
Price: Rs 250

Broadcast Journalism
Jan R Hakemulder AC de Jonge PP Singh
Publisher: Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Basic Radio Journalism
Chantler Paul
Publisher: Focal Press
Price: Rs 295

Essentials & Pactices Of Radio Management
Anil Kak
Publisher: Wings Institute of Broadcasting
Price: Rs 425

Investigative Journalism: Context And Practice
Hugo De Burgh
Price: Rs 1,466

Inside Reporting: A Practical Guide To The Craft Of Journalism
Tim Harrower
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Price: Rs 4128

Understanding Media
Marshall McLuhan
Price: Rs 7,150

The Process and Effects of Mass Communication
Wilbur Schramm and F Roberts
Publisher: Illinois, (Published in 1971)
Price: $19.50

Mass Communication Theory: An Introduction
Denis Mcquail
Publisher: Sage India, (Published in 2005)
Price: Rs 595

Professional Journalism
MV Kamath
Publisher: Vikas Publishing House

A Journalist’s Handbook
MV Kamath
Publisher: Vikas Publishing House
Price: 225.00

Communication for Development Reinventing Theory and Action (In 2 volumes)
(Edited by) Kiran Prasad
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Price: Rs1,500 (Set)

Media Law and Ethics
Kiran Prasad
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Price: Rs 2,000 (Set)

Encyclopaedia of Journalism and Mass Communication (5 volume set)
Om Gupta
Price: Rs 4,500
Publisher: Gyan Books (Published in 2006)

Dictionary of Journalism & Mass Communication
RK Ravindran
Publisher: Dominant Publishers and Distributors
Price: Rs 846

Mass Media Laws and Regulations In India
Venkat Iyer
Publisher: India Research Press
Price: Rs 495

Social Effects of Mass Media In India
Rao N. Bhaskara and G N S Raghavan
Price: 450
Publisher: Gyan Books (Published in 1996)

Analysis of Media and Communication Trends
Prof. Ramesh Chandra
Price: Rs 790
Publisher: Gyan Books (Published in 2004)

Communication Media and Social Changes
Prof. Ramesh Chandra
Price: Rs 750
Publisher: Gyan Books (Published in 2004)

Mass Media and Information Revolution
Gopal Bhargava
Price: Rs 850
Publisher: Gyan Books (Published in 2003)

Mass Communication and Journalism in India
D.S. Mehta
Price: Rs 150 (Published in 2004)
Publisher: Allied Publishers

Journalism: News Coverage
Shahzad Ahmad
Publisher: Anmol Publications

The Mass Communication
Arvind Kumar
Publisher: Anmol Publications

Fundamentals of Mass Media and Communication
Meena Devi
Price: Rs 650
Publisher: Alfa Publications

Essential Radio Skills: How To Present And Produce A Radio Show
Peter Stewart
Price: Rs 1,233

This is All India Radio
U L Baruah
Price: Rs 45
Publisher: Publications Division (Published in 1982)

International Radio Journalism
Timothy Crook
Price: Rs 2,542

Technique of Radio Production
Robert Mc Leish
Publisher: Focal Press London (Published in 1988)

Radio Production, Art & Science
Michael Keith
Publisher: Focal Press London (Published in 1990)
Price: $6

Script Writing for Radio & TV
Arthur A Burger
Publisher: Sage Publications, New Delhi (Published in 1990)

The Art of Interviewing for Television, Radio & Film
Iry Broughton
Publisher: TAB Books Inc (Published in 1981)
Price: $14.95

Sound Reading and Reproduction
Glyn Alkin
Price: Rs 1,382

Sound Studio: Audio Techniques For Radio, Television, Film And Recording
Alc Nisbett
Price: Rs 4,011

Broadcasting in India
PC Chaterji

Effective TV Production
Gerald Millerson
Price: Rs 2,790

The Press In India
GNS Raghavan
Price: Rs 283, (Published in 1994)

Satellite Invasion of India
S C Bhatt
Price: Rs 350 (Published in 1994)

The BBC at the Watershed
Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, University of Chicago Press
Price: Rs 2,311

Communication in Developing Countries
Krishna Sondhi
Publisher: Vision Books, (Published in 1984)

Mass Communication Theories and Research
Alixis Tann

Broadcasting in India
GC Awasthy
Publisher: Allied (Published in 1965)

Broadcasting and the People
M Masani
Publisher: National Book Trust (Published in 1984)