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TV News Writing Made Easy for Newcomers

Abhishek Kumar
Media Hive News Network, June 20, 2014

Book: TV News Writing Made Easy for Newcomers
Authors: Ravi M Khanna

Publisher: Wisdom Village Publications
Length: 122 pages
Price: Rs 150

With the increased demand for competent electronic media professionals, TV journalism has become an attractive career option for students. Though there are many books on TV journalism, yet a very few cater to newcomers. TV News Writing Made Easy for Newcomers by Ravi M Khanna is, however, one such book which tells students the basics that can equip them to do their job professionally.

Instead of writing pages upon pages about the principles of journalism and news writing, Khanna, who has a long journalistic journey in India and USA, has given the gist in a very lucid and practical way. The book has a simple language and uncluttered approach.

The author has tried to list and explain the tools and techniques that are used every day to construct a three-minute TV package. With that he has also shown ways to avoid the tricky traps the news writers can fall into while writing and producing a TV package, and has given some techniques of how to make a TV story more interesting.

The book also highlights the differences in writing for differebt channels of media - Print, Radio, Television. It tells why writing for TV is a speciality. It has a chapter "Some Special Touches For TV stories", which gives very useful tips with a set of examples.

This book is an extremely useful guide for all aspiring television professionals. To order this book, e-mail at

About the author:

Ravi M Khanna has worked for more than 24 years at the Voice of America Newsroom in Washington in various capacities such as South Asia Desk Editor, South Asia Bureau Chief in New Delhi, Managing Editor of a TV show and Senior TV Producer/Copy Editor. He has made equal contributions for Radio, TV and the WEB. His in-depth articles on South Asia have been published by the Wall Street Journal Weekly and the Washington Times, and he has appeared on various TV shows as a Senior South Asia Analyst.

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